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Hey mates how are you all? Our today’s topic is How To Take Photographs On A Dark Background. So mates without wasting time let’s get started with today’s topic.

How To Take Photographs On A Dark Background

How To Take Photographs On A Dark Background, Be Careful

What Settings For Studio Flash Photography?

For flash photography, in the studio or not, we prefer the manual mode. This mode will allow us to better manage all the parameters of the exposure of our photo. The ISO sensitivity will be at a minimum for maximum image quality so as not to be polluted by ambient light if it is not desired to be visible in the image.

We will take a speed adapted to the synchroflash speed of his camera, to know it, see the manual of the APN. If we have a very dynamic subject to the freeze, we will use high-speed sync if we are equipped with it and the camera is compatible with flashes.

For the diaphragm, we will take an aperture adapted to the desired depth of field. This will be the adjustment of the power of the flash (s) that will shed light on our photo. Generally,

What Settings For Studio Photography With Led Lamps In Continuous Light?

If we want to take studio photos with continuous light such as LEDs, for example, we will be faced with certain difficulties. But before tackling these difficulties, the shooting mode will be manual, but also with a semi-automatic mode as speed or diaphragm priority.

The first difficulty is that you have to avoid stray light like ambient light. It will be necessary to have a room where we can make the dark easily. The second difficulty is the lack of power which sometimes forces you to increase the ISO sensitivity according to the power of the light.

If your subject moves and you want to freeze it, you will have to increase the ISO sensitivity accordingly. So, adjust the ISO sensitivity according to the subject and the objective to be achieved in the landscape drawing photos. The speed will depend on the subject’s movements.

If it does not move, 1 / 60th will be enough otherwise, you have to increase the speed according to the subject. The diaphragm will often be as open as possible to avoid too high a sensitivity and also according to the depth of field to be reached.

Photographs on a dark background, be careful! Sometimes in photography, we do not want to confine ourselves to the external image, to the simple relationship that we can have with the camera and our subject, we want to rub shoulders with the studio by making all parts of our image.

Some find themselves in this situation, sometimes despite themselves, but that is not the problem.

Didier Asked Me A Question:

“I have a big problem, my nephew wants to give my brother a photo of him and his children on a black background for Christmas and there, I am stressed, I am afraid of missing it.

Do you have a couple of tips for me on the subject of dark background photography? I have the curtain, and I have two soft boxes, but when it comes to adjusting the housing, it’s a bit complicated and I don’t want to miss it. Thank you in advance.

What Settings For The Studio Photo On A Dark Background?

Didier doesn’t tell us if he has flash or continuous light in his softboxes, but whatever.

If it is flash, it will be manual mode, ISO 100, speed 1 / 160th of a second, or depending on the camera’s flash sync, see your manual.

Try to use the fastest speed possible to reduce or eliminate the effects of mood lighting.

For the diaphragm, to see also according to the necessary depth of field according to the number of people to be photographed on a dark background.

If there are three or four people, put them on the same plane instead to avoid closing the diaphragm too much.

You will adjust the flash output according to these settings.

If it’s continuous light, in manual mode you are going to have to increase the ISO sensitivity according to the power of your lights and you may need to reduce the speed to 1 / 60th of a second so as not to increase the sensitivity too much.

The diaphragm will have to be adapted according to the depth of field for the flash.

For ambient light other than the lighting you use for the photo, you will have to remember to turn everything off to avoid stray lights and unwanted color cast. If you can, lower the shades or close the shutters to prevent daylight from entering the subject.

Tip Studio Photo Settings On Dark Background

A little tip to make your subjects stand out better from the background, use one of the two sources with a slight backlight.

Like that, it will light up your characters from behind and light up their silhouette which will stand out against the black background.

The second source will be to face, slightly three-quarters and in height.

It is possible that this is not possible, that the expected effect is not at the rendezvous with the continuous light due to the lack of power of the sources.

If this is the case, but the two sources on either side of your subjects, and too bad for the silhouette

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